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Spotify Premium, Netflix and more!

April 23, 2016

So for the past few days, I’ve been getting constant messages from people asking me how I got my 1 year Spotify Premium subscription. As I said from my previous blog post, after purchasing VSCO filters over Instagram I’ve been addicted to Social Media Shopping. I’m sure everyone’s familiar with all those Instagram shops selling almost everything you could think of! Anyway, after availing of the VSCO filters I deliberately searched for all the things I wanted in Instagram, hoping to find a shop selling them. I searched for Spotify PremiumNetflix SubscriptionseBooksiOS apps and a lot more. For all the people hoping for a more affordable way to get Spotify Premium, fret not! I’m glad I found a shop selling all of them in Twitter! They’re selling by the name of “Paid Apps“. I remember desperately searching for shops selling Spotify Premium subscriptions in Twitter and ending up in their Timeline. I’m amazed and overwhelmed of the vast array of services they offer! You name it, they got it! But seriously, thanks to the friendly people behind “Paid Apps” for introducing me to a lot more Media Streaming platforms.

Spotify Premium from Paid Apps

Spotify Premium from Paid Apps

I personally got their Spotify Premium service. To be honest, their services are really affordable that it’s really worth your money. You get to save 80% from the usual cost of an annual subscription. Make sure to check out their Twitter timeline to survey their other vast array of services. Feel free to ask them questions; their friendly staffs will be more than happy to accommodate your inquiries. If you’re like me who doubts of losing all their playlists and followers in Spotify, fret not! Transferring your playlists and followers is as easy as counting 1-2-3. All you got to do is head out to @SpotifyCares and slide them a DM, don’t worry it’s completely safe! I personally tried and tested it, and it works!  Stay tuned for my next blog post! It’s all about festival season!


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