I’m Zalora’s Brand Ambassador!

May 31, 2014

Yes! It’s me! Zalora have tied up with me to make me their newest Brand Ambassador! You have probably seen the new badge at the right side of my website. If you haven’t, then better check it out! I still can’t believe it! So yeah, last week May 23 I checked my email and in my surprise I received a message from Zalora with the title “Hello, ZALORA Brand Ambassador!‘. It was very unexpected because the only messages I receive from Zalora are those weekly fashion insights. So I immediately opened the email and then It welcomed me with their Brand Ambassador Program logo along with my name. Here is what the email looked like: Zalora BAP

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Google Listing

May 24, 2014

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted a new blog entry. I feel like a bad blogger haha. Anyway, things had been going good since the month of May started. So last month during the holy week, I applied for the Google Partnership listing and I’ve been waiting so long for their reply about my application. So last week May 16, I finally received my Google Postcard from Google’s Headquarters itself. I got approved! I was in a moment of shock lol. It took me some time to get over it. Haha anyway, here’s a picture of what the postcard looked like ☺

Google Postcard

Anyway, Thanks to the Google Postcard It made my Google Business Listing Verified and Approved, making my Google Business searchable in Google! Yay! Haha. Here’s a picture of my verified Google Account and the search results when people search my name in Google.
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My First Zalora Experience

May 3, 2014

So last week while I was checking my Facebook timeline I startled upon an advertisement. Guess what it was Zalora again. For the past couple of days I’ve been seeing their advertisement all over the net, literally! So with no hesitance I clicked on it, it redirected me to an Item’s page. The Item that I was redirected to was a shoe, a casual oxford shoe by the rising brand Mick + Marty. It was soooo cheap yet elegant, with no regrets I clicked on my shoe size which is UK size 42 or US size 9 and proceeded finalizing my order. To be honest the processing of my order was very fast it only took them 1 day to process, 1 day to get the items and 1 day to ship. It only took them a total of 3 days! My shopping bag was filled with elegant items, it only cost me P1103.75 to buy the following items:

  • Casual Oxfords from Mick+Marty (for me)
  • Magenta Flip flops from Alta (for mom)
  • Contrast Collar Polo from Ezra (for brother)

It was supposed to be P1603 but since I used my Mom’s account, I didn’t have double thoughts on using her P500 Zalora Voucher. I gotta be honest the whole experience was fun from picking the appropriate size, ordering the items until unboxing the package except for one thing, WRONG SIZE. The Casual Oxford that I ordered in Size 42 wasn’t a perfect fit for me. I called them up as soon as I received my package last Tuesday. I wanted them to replace the pair of shoes with Size 43 or 44, unfortunately the Color of the Casual Oxfords that I ordered was already sold out. They advised me to keep it with me within the 30 days allotment time for item returns. Anyway, as a result of My First Zalora Experience I ordered once again for my family! I ordered a total of 6 Items worth P1991 but again took advantage of my unused P500 Zalora Voucher from my account’s referral incentives.

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Set: Sunny Side Up!

April 27, 2014

Hello! So as many of you know, I’ve been busy for the past few days about my Business partnership with Google (yay!) and designing my very own business card. Anyway, I found myself bored during my extra time so I made a new set named after an egg, seriously. So yeah, I hope you’ll like my new set named “Sunny Side Up”. To be honest I’ve been picky about the songs I’ve added to my set. I chose these songs because they have a mutual meaning behind the lyrics. I hope you’ll figure it out after listening to them all. Have a nice day and Happy Sunday to you all! ☺


Happy National Scrabble Day!

April 13, 2014

Hey! Guess what it’s a Holiday! It’s National Scrabble Day! I really didn’t knew that today was a holiday aside from Palm Sunday until I was bored and ended up searching for anything I could. I found this awesome website that gives you an update of almost all the holidays being celebrated at the present date.

HolidayWell anyway, after knowing that “National Scrabble Day” was being celebrated today, I did a quick research just to justify if it’s really legit. HAHA. Later I knew that it’s actually real, according to abc news:

The popular board game is celebrated each year on April 13th to honor of the birthday of its founder, Alfred Butts.

I actually feel bad that I myself don’t know how to celebrate it! HAHA. I don’t know if I should play scrabble with someone. I could say Scrabble was part of my life before, It made my childhood memorable. I always wanted to play scrabble with my brothers along with snakes & ladders.

Happy National Scrabble Day!

I guess it’s actually safe to say that Everyday is a Holiday! Knowing the fact, that it was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day yesterday and it will be National Reach as High as You Can Day tomorrow! ☺ Haha! Enjoy the Holiday Season! ☺