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November 8, 2016

Hull & Stern Dry Bag

According to Gizmodo Australia, one of the most common phone hardware issues is water damage. The water itself does not cause damage to the phone — it’s the short circuits that occur when your phone’s electricity meets with water that causes the problem. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or an invincible Nokia 5110, turn that thing off. Now you need to focus on getting your phone dry whether through silica gel, uncooked rice or a blow dryer. Some people say that the most effective way of solving a problem is to prevent the problem from arising, and the best way to prevent your gadgets from soaking and breaking is by keeping them in a sturdy dry bag.

A couple of months ago, I received a 10L Dry Bag from Hull & Stern, a Philippine-based dry bag start-up founded by an adventurer who likewise experienced one of the most common phone dilemma, water damage. The Hull & Stern Dry Bag offers protection from dust and water so you can feel more secure about your essentials and gadgets and focus on adventures instead. Hull & Stern is the perfect companion for Diving, Snorkeling, Mountain Climbing, Cliff Jumping, Swimming and Island Hopping.

Hull & Stern Dry Bag

What is Hull & Stern?

The Hull & Stern brand is named after ship parts. A HULL is known as the watertight body of a boat, while the STERN is the back part of the boat. The brand produces quality dry bags that meets and exceeds any traveler’s expectations. The dry bag aims to be the companion of each and every adventurer. It is made out of strong IPx5 tarpaulin material that is made to resist and repel water and other harsh elements.


As of writing, the dry bag currently comes in both 10L & 5L sizes and is available in 4 aesthetically appealing colors: North Star White, Sea Salt Pink, Sail Away Blue and Sea Foam Green. The design is very clean and minimalist, with just the words Hull & Stern printed in white bold lettering. The awesome people from Hull & Stern sent me their Limited Edition: “When was the last time” design. If you are one of the people who likes being special, fret not, the brand is looking forward to the idea of accepting custom designs from customers like you in the future.

Hull & Stern Dry Bag

Product Features

  1. The bag is durable and waterproof.
    • The dry bag is made of strong water-resistant IPx5 500D tarpaulin.
    • This heavy duty durable material is perfect for both outdoor and water activities.
    • The material is made to resist and repel water and other harsh elements.
    • While the product shouldn’t be submerged under water, the bag floats if dropped in water, which is essential in keeping items dry.
    • To close, fold 3 times at the top and seal the buckle.
  2. The bag is easy to pack and carry.
    • The bag folds flat so you can take it with you anywhere.
    • It’s easy to pack when not in use.
    • It includes an adjustable shoulder strap and D-ring for attachment.
    • It can be worn at the back like a body bag.
  3. The bag is multi-purpose and easy to clean.
    • It can be used to store essentials during an adventure and to store wet clothes on the way back.
    • It is easy to maintain. Just wipe with a cloth to clean.


The Hull & Stern Dry Bag is a sturdy, stylish and affordable product ideal for adventurers and travelers who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports. It doesn’t matter if you’re sauntering through any of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, or flying off to overseas destinations, I personally believe that the Hull & Stern Dry bag could be utilized anytime, anywhere.


The Hull & Stern 10L Dry Bag varies from P750 or P900 each depending on the design, meanwhile, the Hull & Stern 5L Dry Bag varies from P630 or P780 each depending on the design as well. The prices are inclusive of shipping charges within the Philippines.

Where to buy

Hull & Stern Dry Bags can be ordered through the Hull & Stern Online Store, Lazada, Stocked Rockwell branch, Stocked Bonifacio High Street branch and Ripcurl SM Aura branch. To order from the Hull & Stern Online Store, simply go to their website: Use the Discount Code: JOLSONCRUZ to avail of a 50PHP discount.


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