Affordable VSCO filters and more!

April 16, 2016

Hello! Sorry for being inactive lately, I’ve been preoccupied by the Music Festival season. There’s been so much happening lately, Neverland x Raveolution, Paradise International Music Festival and more! So last Friday I opened Instagram and checked some pics in the “Explore” tab. I then saw a shop named “VSCO Filter Collections” selling VSCO and Afterlight filters for a minimal price. At first, I doubted the shop if they’re legit but I noticed their feed. They presented their followers with Customer feedbacks. I then realized that I have nothing to lose for such an affordable price, so why not try their service. I sent them a DM via Instagram asking instructions on how to proceed on availing their service, I was surprised with their prompt reply. After gaining such confidence I decided to purchase their service for real. I sent them the payment via Cellular load, and they immediately sent me the instructions on how to activate the service.

All the filters offered by VSCO Filter Collection.

All the filters offered by VSCO Filter Collection.

It took me around 10 minutes to download all the VSCO filters. I gotta say purchasing their service was really worth it. Make sure to drop by their Instagram feed to check all the services they offer. Anyway, I kinda got addicted to shop feeds in Instagram. After availing of the VSCO filters I deliberately searched for all the things I wanted in Instagram, hoping to find a shop selling them. I searched for Spotify Premium, Netflix Subscriptions, eBooks, iOS apps and a lot of things. I’m glad I found a shop selling all of them in Twitter! They’re selling by the name of “Paid Apps“. You should definitely drop by their Twitter Account to know more about all the services they offer. Stay tuned for my next blog post. I’m gonna be reviewing a service I got from them.


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